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Hear what these users have to say about using Organic Magic

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The only product we use

I have been using Organic Magic for 20 years exclusively on our 4 hectare lifestyle Deer farm. Read more >

Shane Thompson, Dunedin

See the difference

The sunflower on the left was sprayed with one application of Organic Magic compared to the sunflower plant on the right. Gary sent us this photo of the difference!

Gary Cardno, Dunedin

Will use again!

I had the opportunity to trial Organic Magic 2019/20 growing season so I used it on various plants and I was really happy with the results as it was the only product I used on the growing plants. 


Super pleased with how it performed on roses producing really healthy leaves and flowers with no sign of Aphids which had been a problem in previous years.  


I also had really great potato and garlic crops so will certainly continue using Organic Magic again this year.

Heather, Queenstown

Phenomenal results

I've been doing this for a long time and this is one of the best things I've come across.

Read more >

Allen T, Hawaii

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