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  • What is Organic Magic?
    Organic Magic is a liquid fish emulsion and soil stimulant that is produced through a unique natural anaerobic digestion process. This is a long term process that results in a very concentrated product containing multiple nutrients and is high in Auxins which are a plant hormone.
  • What are Auxins?
    The word Auxins comes from the Greek word auxein which means to grow or increase.Auxins are a class of plant hormone which are a key factor for plant growth.
  • Will Organic Magic clog my sprayer?
    No. Our product has been filtered to 25 microns and is suitable for any spray application.
  • When do I apply Organic Magic?
    Try to avoid direct sunlight and the heat of day. Early morning while there is a dew or the cool of evening is best. We recommend applying 1 to 2 weekly during growth period and 3 to 4 weekly thereafter.
  • How should I apply Organic Magic?
    Foliar or leaf spraying is best as the plant absorbs the product straightaway. You can also spray or pour onto the soil and this can be beneficial when planting seeds. It has also been noted that spraying the underside of leafs also helps with absorbtion rates.
  • Are there any additives in Organic Magic?
    No. Our unique process contains only the fish by-product and this is why it is certified by Biogro as an organic input.
  • Does Organic Magic have an odour?
    Yes. Due to the natural process in forming our product it does have an earthy odour-however it does not smell like rotten fish. We recommend after application you turn on a sprinkler or water the area with your garden hose and this will help dissipate any odour.
  • Won't watering after use dilute the effect?
    Because Organic Magic has been fully processed the plant uptakes it immediately therefore watering after 15 minutes does not affect the result. This is why we also recommend spraying just before it is due to rain.
  • How do I clean up after use?
    Should you get Organic Magic on your hands use tomato sauce and rub your hands together for 20 seconds then rinse and wash with soap.If product is on clothing wash as per normal but hang outside to dry in sunlight.
  • Can I use on indoor plants?
    Yes . We recommend you spray them outside and after 15 minutes water with garden hose then return indoors.
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