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Organic Magic Plant Food Process

Fish are sourced from the ocean around Dunedin by local fisherman using a sustainable quota system.

After processing we purchase the by-product from our neighbours Harbour Fish and pump it into our anaerobic digester tank. Water is heated to warm the tank and the micro organisms break down the biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.

This is a long term process and is more than just fish parts broken down quickly into a liquid form. While brewing, the process produces a bio-gas which is collected and then used in the heating process. Once underway the process is self sustainable.

Testing by Bristol University in the UK has shown Organic Magic to have high levels of Auxins which are a plant growth hormone. We believe this is what gives Organic Magic its special properties and is why all types of plants love it so much.


In 1990 Globe Export Fisheries Ltd [the large white building to the left] embarked on a clean production commitment to utilise their fish by-product as an organic plant food resource.

Orgenz Ltd was formed and the land beside the fish factory purchased to build the processing plant.
A unique process that we believe is the only one of its type in the world was finally developed after many years of trials and testing.

Orgenz Ltd was one of the first to register with BioGro having the number 223 and have led the way with organics before it was trendy to do so.After a change of ownership the current number for Orgenz 2018 Ltd is 5946.

Organic Magic Factory Plant
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