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Lettuce seeds planted in potting mix. 


The left tray seeds were then watered with Organic Magic mixed at 100:1. 


The right side tray had water only. 

After 5 days the left side was noticeably bigger and had a higher germination success rate.


All seedlings were then watered at the same rate but the left tray was also sprayed with Organic Magic at 200:1 ratio weekly.

Plant Food working for healthy soil

Lettuce seedlings after 4 weeks.

The plants are now ready to be transplanted to the garden.


Overall the left side remains ahead of the water only right side. Some on the right side are struggling and were not ready for replanting.

Plant Food working for healthy soil

This photo at 4 weeks shows the roots of one of the lettuce plants from the right side tray that was fed water only.

Plant Food working for healthy soil

This photo at 4 weeks shows the roots of one of the lettuce plants that had also a weekly application of Organic Magic at 200:1.


Most of these left side plants were noticeably bigger and healthy-looking but the most interesting thing to note is the significant advanced development of the root ball.



Dave Thomson from Clyde in Central Otago sent us this photo of his home orchard.He recently moved to the area and for the first year the trees did not produced any fruit.They are approximately 8 years old.

He sprayed Organic Magic on the trees in autumn 2019 and then at the beginning of spring and the trees now have little apricots for the first time.

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